Misun Hifumi

Misun Hifumi

Mindset coaching and rehabilitation

I am also an International Best Selling Author


My new book is:

I’M In PoWeR!

A Journey To Discover Who We Are

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A New Friend


The House We Live In


What Are My Superpowers?


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About the Author

Misun Hifumi

I was born in Seoul, Korea in 1971.  As the youngest of the family, with an older sister and two older brothers, I was surrounded by comfort, support, and most of all, love.

As a child, I loved spending time in my own world of imagination, where I had the ability to create my friends, experiences, and “realities.” These were always preferable to the true reality that surrounded me.


I have incredible passion for people, especially for children and the power found within their own imaginations. My dream is to help others achieve their dreams with full awareness of who they are, by using the power within them. I pursue my dreams from California, where I live with my three beautiful children and loving husband.

Book Trailer

A New Friend
Excerpt From Chapter 1

“Haha! Beat you again!” Sara exclaimed to her brother, Josh. The two were racing to their
favorite spot—a wooded area across the street from their house that they had explored
hundreds of times. It was a crisp Saturday morning in the fall, and the two couldn’t wait to get
outside to play. They knew every inch of this area where they had played hide and seek, tag,
and countless other games.
Sara, at eight years old, had an adventurous spirit. She was always looking for clues to solve one
mystery or another. Her brother, Josh, was older by two years and much quieter. He loved
books and facts and learning the truth about—well, about . . . everything! But he also loved a
little adventure now and then. And they both loved to explore what they liked to call “their

The House We Live In
Excerpt From Chapter 3

Josh and Sara once again walked in the direction they thought was home. And once again, everything became very blurry. They were so  happy only two minutes ago! What had happened? Now, they were sad, confused, and feeling lost. Thoughts of their challenges came crashing back. Sara wasn’t the only one who had been made fun of. Josh also dealt with jokes sometimes about his clothes. He liked to look nice with collared shirts and ironed pants, whereas all the other boys wore wrinkled T-shirts and shorts every day.

Honestly, he thought some of his friends looked very sloppy, but he never said that out loud. He didn’t feel it was any of his business. He wondered why it mattered. Who cares if everyone likes to wear different things? He thought it was better that way, but he also really wanted to fit in. Why did it matter so much? Why did he even care what other people thought? But he did.

What Are My Superpowers?
Excerpt From Chapter 5

Further into the woods than last time, Josh and Sara started arguing about which way to go. For some reason, Josh felt he should go one way, but the opposite direction seemed clearer. He ignored that little voice inside of him and told Sara to follow him. She reluctantly agreed. She felt a pull to go in the opposite direction, but she definitely did not want to be separated again.

The more they walked, the foggier things became. And soon, a vicious looking wolf jumped out right in front of them. Its teeth were showing, saliva was dripping down from the corners of its mouth, and it growled deeply at each of them. Josh shielded Sara. His instincts took over to protect his little sister. But he was scared. The wolf wasn’t backing away. Instead, it seemed to be coming for them. Josh wished he had superpowers in that minute. He wondered if superpowers were only for superheroes, and suddenly he knew exactly whom he could ask.