Misun Hifumi

Misun Hifumi


What people are saying…

I’M In PoWeR! A Journey to Discover Who We Are is sure to delight both children and adults. The thought, care, and detail that has gone into this book is truly appreciated. Misun’s story is sure to reach reader’s hearts.”

—Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author


“A captivating story filled with imagination, wisdom, and moments of poignant beauty, I’M In PoWeR! A Journey to Discover Who We Are is a tale that will delight and inspire young readers to transform their lives in significant ways.”

—Judy O’Beirn, President of Hasmark Publishing International


“I’M In PoWeR! is an absolute joy to read from start to finish. It is well-written, imaginative, and playful, while also revealing profound lessons and takeaways for the reader. Children and adults alike will benefit from the creative way the subjects of mindset, universal laws, and personal power are brought to life through Hifumi’s endearing characters. This book has the potential to change the lives of many children by teaching them about the power of their minds and their thoughts.”

—Allison Burney, Freelance Writer & Proofreader


It was such a delight to read I’M In PoWeR! A Journey to Discover Who We Are. Misun has a solid understanding of the laws of the universe and I am thrilled she chose to author a book based on these laws for children. We all had amazing imaginations as children and we lost the art of imagination as we grew up and lived our adult lives, which hindered our creative abilities to create the life we really wanted and instead allowed life to happen to us. Misun has reached out to children (and their parents) to learn not to lose that important higher faculty that is imagination, and create the life of their dreams! This book is a game changer for humanity – what a gift to the world!


—Jill Wasey, Fine Artist, Creation Coach, and Author


Misun Hifumi’s book is delightful!  You are carried along on the adventures of two children who meet a wise magical tree in the forest who teaches them profound spiritual and practical lessons about life. I loved the lessons on gaining self-confidence and using the powers of the mind, such as imagination and will power, to bring about success and happiness in one’s life. I highly recommend it.


—Jamie Geidel, Music Teacher and Academic Tutor


I’M In PoWeR! is a remarkable book that gives meaningful lessons to children that will last them a lifetime. A must read.”


—Mildred Antenor, Author and Commentator

I’M In PoWeR! A Journey to Discover Who We Are is a powerful and compelling story for the rising generation. This amazing narrative empowers children to learn about their God-given powers while being taken through a fun and personal journey to discover their divine potential. Magnificent!

– Jessica Sitani, Highly Influential Empowerment Coach & Speaker

A book full of lessons for children and adults alike, I’M In PoWeR is a must read for everyone who is desiring to fulfill their dreams. Misun Hifumi is educating the world in the universal laws and the power our minds have to shape our world through imagination, feelings, and actions. The well crafted story is engaging, making the teachings easy for the reader to understand and relate to. May we all learn to speak to our own Halmoni, through reading this thought provoking book.


– Trisha Somers, Educator and Personal Development Coach


The very moment I began to read Misun’s book, I’M In PoWeR, A Journey To Discover Who We Are, I was swept into it and taken on a beautiful journey of magical teachings! I believe every child needs to read this very well written book and I will be giving this treasure to my grandchildren! 


– Candis Molde, Expert in animal communication, Horse trainer and Equestrian